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  • Kulfi Krunch Thekkekara's Hot Oven Bakers
  • Kulfi Krunch Thekkekara's Hot Oven Bakers
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Kulfi Krunch

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Never-forgetting taste that will crave you for more and more.

Gone are the days when childhood was delightfully enjoyed with delicious Matka kulfi cone but don’t let go of the time where you can enjoy the similar taste instilled in this cake.

Order this incredible cake for your parents/grandparents and permeate them to dive into their old memories.

Be it any occasion, this alluring cake will win your heart while taking on a ride to your faded moments.

The elegance in it can captivate your sight at once; unavoidable and unforgettable.

Once you keep a small piece at your tastebud, you would wish to devour this scrumptious dessert entirely.